Ted James

Los Angeles-based sound designer, recording artist and certified Logic Pro trainer.


Disquiet Junto Project 0061: Textinstagr/am/bient

Background: This project is a low-key followup to the Instagr/am/bient compilation that I developed at the end of 2011, and that was in many ways the direct precursor of the Disquiet Junto. Various contributors to Insta/gr/ambient were among the initial participants in the Junto.

In the spirit of this week's Disquiet Junto, I used no musical instruments, melody or rhythm in my recordings. My source material consisted of 3 recordings of the (mostly) still room I was working in. The recordings were captured one after another, and throughout these three (approx) 3 minute takes, there were the sounds of radiators, sirens, dogs barking, several cars driving down my street, a photo being taken, several clicks of my iPhone home button, my wife typing in the next room and the refrigerator running. Audio was recorded direct to Logic Pro from the 13" MacBook Pro Retina on my lap.

The 3 pieces of audio were all cut at an even 3 minutes, divided in half, with the second halves of these regions were added to new tracks, making all 6 regions start at the same time. The six regions were stretched to 3 minutes in length and now all of these regions were divided, the latter halves of these regions getting their own tracks and lining up on the 1. I did this twice more for a total of 48 tracks, with each track utilizing Monophonic Flex Mode. All 48 tracks were routed to an auxiliary channel where they hit an EQ, a filter, some compression, warmth via WaveArts' TubeSaturator and 2 instances of D16 Toraverb. The master output adds a touch more compression and an additional EQ.

With my mental theme being 'Fireplace' I thought that the layered and compressed air provided a very lively energy emanating from below the more emphasized sounds. To me, it seemed very reminiscent of a well stoked fireplace.