Ted James

Los Angeles-based sound designer, recording artist and certified Logic Pro trainer.


YUKI & ADDAC System's Modular Backpack

YUKI's SO-NO-RO-A modular backpack was specially designed for ADDAC SYSTEM. This backpack provides you all the functionality and safety you need to carry most of ADDAC System's wood frames, external power supply, cables, laptop, tablet or anything else your performance might need.

Your gear needs luggage when it's going to travel, just like you do. And if I had an all-ADDAC system, I'd want it to look as stylish on the road as it would anywhere else. But, my first thought wouldn't be "Let's make the modular a backpack". I mean, I guess this seems like a good idea in theory, but how quickly will you lose that little attachment? Do you really want your 2 6U racks each just barely held in place by a loose fitting nylon strap?

I definitely winced a few times during this video.