Ted James

Los Angeles-based sound designer, recording artist and certified Logic Pro trainer.


3m33s: An Ambient / Drone Compilation from Le Berger

3m33s is an ongoing and organically evolving compilation of drones all the same length. Coming from yours truly, friends and whoever wants to submit a track really. 
If you purchase or donate money for the compilation, you get upcoming / yet unreleased tracks as bonus material. The compilation is 33 tracks total and all funds generated from your purchase will entirely be used to create a new artist collective / label. Your generosity is something we are incredibly grateful for. 

I've been a fan of Le Berger's work for a couple of years now, so when I saw that he was putting a compilation together, I immediately prepared him a submission. 

What I thought was particularly interesting about this effort was the open call for work with a Junto-esque quality to the assignment. That being, each piece submitted must be 3:33s in length. This turns out to be (not only visually, but sonically) a pretty interesting concept as the entire album has a steady rhythm to the track changes throughout. Something I think works particularly well with ambient and drone-based work as the subject matter.

The album is $3.33 US or $.33 for each of the 33 tracks à la carte and features some very talented individuals.